My name is Tony Vitali and I am an award winning Art Director, UX/UI Designer, and Brand Strategist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've worked with a large range of clients from bootstrapped Start-Ups to Fortune 100 companies.  I have a strong passion for intelligent design and appreciate great taste.  I believe in strategy first and like to boil design down to its purest form.  



Zenni Optical - California 'North Coast' Collection

Zenni Optical sells more prescription eyeglasses online than any other company in the world. One problem we identified through user testing is that they offer too many frames which gave users an overwhelming level of decision fatigue. 

The North Coast Collection was the first of many collections I launched on This flagship collection was inspired by the area we live in, just north of the San Francisco Bay area, specifically the Marin and Sonoma Coast. Curating a select number of glasses and designing an easy to use interface lead to this subset of glasses selling 15x faster that any other product on the site. View it live here.


Zenni Optical Kids Portal

Zenni also has a large selection of kids glasses. Through user testing and customer interviews we realized how hard it was for parents to buy glasses for their kids at the eye doctor and especially online. The goal of the kids portal was to ease the online shopping experience and educate the parents about size, quality and styles that would keep them and their kids happy.  View it live here.


World Centric

World Centric produces eco-friendly compostable food and beverage packaging. After going through a subtle rebrand we created a new website to tell their Zero Waste Solutions story. WC's vision is to change the way the world thinks about consumption.  On top of a beautiful story telling platform, they want a sharp e-commerce experience that is responsive and easy to use.  The site was designed by Erin Opperman and myself, written by Curtis Kuhn.


Ganau Worldwide

One of the largest wine cork producers in the world, Ganau combines eight decades of experience with the latest technology to produce the finest corks possible. This responsive brochure website is designed to be as clean as possible while elevating the cork products and telling the Ganau brand story.  This site was designed by Ryan Walker, Mitch Kelly and myself. Check it out now at


Humboldt Redwood

The Humboldt Redwood website was a part of a trio of sites designed and built for Mendocino Forest Products.  The sites were meant to be responsive, with an e-commerce add-on and also skinnable for the three brands that they own. I was responsible for the UI/UX of all three sites. Check each site here


Other miscellaneous UI Projects

Here are a few other responsive web projects that I worked on over the past couple years.


Print & Campaign Work



LOGO Design


Commercial Spots


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