Zenni Optical sells more prescription eyeglasses online than any other company in the world. They also have a selection of glasses ranging around 4000 pairs. One of the key problems I identified during user testing and customer research is that the large volume of options is an overwhelming experience for their customers. Not having the ability for a full site redesign I pitched the idea of curating collections as a way to narrow the products into groupings of like products that weren't shape or material based. The first Collection of an ongoing series was named the North Coast - California Collection.   We created a subtle sub-brand, shot campaign photography, and designed a landing page with the goals of improving the customers shopping experience, and trust in the quality of the Zenni products. My job was to create the concept, and sub-brand. I also identified and hired the photographer and models, designed the landing page UI and advertising campaign. Over the the campaign and experience was a major success. Zenni sold glasses from the California Collection at a rate 15x faster than any other existing products on the site. 'North Coast' is the first of many collections soon to be launching on ZenniOptical.com in the near future.