Pyramid Lake, Nevada

I met up with three of my closest friends a month ago for an adventure to a desert oasis around 122 miles north of Lake Tahoe.  Pyramid lake is a geographic sink fed by the Truckee River, which flows out for Northwest corner of Tahoe.  It's salty, bath-water warm, rugged, and massive.  You can camp on the western shore of the lake if you are up for potentially crazy weather, black widows, scorpions, and all the trappings of an awesome off the grid adventure.  We set up our camp as far as we could get up the west shoreline around a mile from the next closest group.  We brought enough firewood to light the sky (although we actually never lit the fire because it was so hot and windy at night), enough gear to live in the wilderness for a year, and enough inebriates to put a elephant to sleep for a couple of days.  Just the perfect amount of stuff to guarantee an unforgettable experience with great friends.  

Here are a set of images from yet another adventure I will never forget.