Rolling out a kids portal that would garner confidence in customers and aid in the online buying process. 



I was tasked with leading a team in improving the customer buying experience for the kids glasses section of



Buying glasses online isn’t easy, especially for your kids. On average they need 2 pairs per year and the cost of those glasses adds up really quickly! Sizing can be difficult to figure out, you need help with fit after purchasing, then there are the materials, lens options, customizations, and special features. Needless to say, parents where having trouble, and the numbers were a clear sign of that. 

To start we needed to find out what our customers really wanted.
We sent out a survey to our past customers and got an amazing number of responses. (1,953 to be exact!)


We asked about materials:

We asked them to rank the priorities


Toluna Quick Surveys,, and in-person interviews.


We interviewed our customer service team, as well as our internal staff who’s children wear glasses.We sketched, tested some of our assumptions, prototyped and interviewed again.


We decided to create a landing page portal that helped educate our customers and to ease the process of buying glasses online. We highlighted clear sizing options, a guide to buying, better selection of frames, detailed features and add-ons, and a robust FAQ’s section.


We focused on educating parents and kids about eye glasses and guided them through the process of purchasing glasses online. With easy size classification and a clear explanations of features and add-ons, we built a robust, easily browsable landing page with all of the information our customers were looking for. 


This also pushed Zenni into the top result on google for a  "kids glasses” search.


We introduced kids collections and also dove into some new studies about protecting childrens' eyes from the harmful rays of the sun which had been recently published. Our production and manufacturing teams also introduced new product offerings that supported the studies, offering state of the art optics for kids at an incredibly affordable price.


We also had 2 photo shoots to cover the wide range or ages, size, and gender, and styles.