Introducing a new company and product to the baby Market.



When I met Vanessa, she had a concept for a baby product that hadn’t been invented yet. She wanted to create a heated changing pad that could stay warm and cozy through the night. She thought "Any little thing can help and this problem definitely exists for almost all new parents."


my role:

Naming, branding, art direction, e-commerce design and development, marketing direction and support.


step 1 - Brand Strategy and Design

While BML Group designed the product(s) and got them manufactured, I helped Vanessa name her product, craft a brand, logo, color pallete and messaging. Together, we identified target markets, potential sales channels and brainstormed marketing strategies.

Brand Guidelines


Step 2 - e-commerce and marketing strategy

Soon after the initial branding was completed, we rolled into packaging and print collateral for the product. I also designed business cards for Vanessa so she could start reaching out to potential retailers and look for help with PR. Next we rolled out along with a social media strategy. This was Vanessa's first time advertising, so we took a deep dive into ways to build her customer base and further her brand story and messaging. Check out Cozy Cheekz on Instagram,  facebook, and Pinterest.


Step 3 - Initial Results, iterations, and strategies for the future

After the launch of the focus has been driving traffic to the website through Google Adwords, bloggers, and social media campaigns including: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Buzzfeed and Reddit. Vanessa has taken the framework I created to run small experimental campaigns that push her marketing strategy foreword. Once the results and brand awareness take hold, the marketing budgets will increase, maximizing effectiveness and growth. 

At the 6 month mark over 20,000 customer had visited (June 2017). Traffic and sales continue to grow each month and we're just getting started. 

From the initial consultation, my goal was to not just do the work, but really explain my process to Vanessa and teach her not only how, but why. I enjoy teaching the systems of design, branding, and also appreciate strong business strategy. With a solid strategy and ever-evolving processes, Cozy Cheekz is set up for success. 


Tony is professional and diligent and not only looks for ways to solve known problems but endeavors to make sure there are as few surprises as possible.
— Vanessa Peterson