From ideation to design and launch I’ve helped bootstrapped Start-ups to Fortune 100 companies produce successful digital products and creative campaigns. I am passionate about bringing brands to life and solving complex problems with intuitive design solutions.

User experience and interface design


Zenni Optical - California 'North Coast' Collection

The North Coast Collection was our way of introducing a curated selection of glasses to customers on Through customer interviews and user experience testing, we concluded that Zenni customers were experiencing difficulty finding what they were looking for, due to the large number of glasses and poor methods of filtering.  While filtering was getting addressed in another site-wide project, we decided to launch a collection that highlighted the place we love and call home. To date, the frames featured in this collection are still Zenni's highest selling products, purchased up to 15x more often than any other pairs and generating over $4.2M in sales. I managed the art direction and UX / UI of the project.


Zenni Optical Kids Portal

I was tasked with leading the design of a kids landing page on We focused on educating parents and kids about eye glasses and guided them in the process of purchasing glasses online. Easy size classification, a clear explanations of features, and a new 3-step-guide to purchasing boosted the sales of kids' glasses from 2% of our revenue to over 14%. 



Ganau Worldwide

One of the largest producers of wine corks in the world, Ganau combines eight decades of experience with the latest technology to produce the finest corks on the market. This responsive brochure website was designed to be as clean as possible while elevating the cork products and telling the Ganau brand story. I helped designed this site at The Engine is Red with Ryan Walker, Chris Denny, and Mitch Kelly. Check it out now at


Humboldt Redwood

The Humboldt Redwood website was a part of a trio of sites designed and built for Mendocino Forest Products. This responsive web site, with an e-commerce add-on, is skinnable for the three brands that they own. I was responsible for the UI/UX of all three sites and created this work at The Engine Is Red. Check them out here


UI Projects

Here are a few other responsive web projects that I worked on over the past couple years.



Print Design



LOGO Design

Great brands are more than just logos and color palettes. Let's take a look at the process.


Commercial Spots